Black Sesame Purple Ku (Black Sesame Rice Cake)

Black Sesame Purple Ku (Black Sesame Rice Cake)


Also known as Kuih Ku or Ang Ku Kuih. 


Ang-ku is a high cultural significance and value amongst the Chinese people. They are typically associated with auspicious occasions and are especially prepared during birthdays and religious festivals to symbolize blessings and good fortune.


This rice cake is very similar to mochi texture and are usually filled with various fillings.  Our Purple Ku is filled with the traditional black sesame paste.


A little tip - You can also pan fried them with butter until the skin turns slightly golden brown and crispy before consume.


Re-heat instruction is included.


Includes: 3 pieces Large Black Sesame Paste Purple Ku

Glutinous Rice Flour, White Sweet Potato, Water,  Sugar, Red Beans, Black Sesame, Sunflower Oil, Salt

Allergen Information: For allergen see ingredients in BOLD