Lapis Rainbow (Coconut Steamed Rice Cake)

Lapis Rainbow (Coconut Steamed Rice Cake)


Our Rainbow Lapis is built up of seven layers of rice pudding.

It has a wobbly and soft texture with a distinctive coconut milk flavor. Kuih Lapis is a popular snacks in South East Asia especially in Indonesian, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. 


For your information lapis means "layers".

We love to peel it layer by layer to eat, you should try this out too!


Re-heat instruction is included.


This kuih can be cut into 4 pieces and enough to serve 1-2 person.


Free from preservatives.

Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour, Water, Coconut Milk, Unrefined Sugar, Vanilla Essence

Allergen Information: For allergen see ingredients in BOLD