Pandan Muah Chee (Pandan Peanuts Glutinous Rice Ball)

Pandan Muah Chee (Pandan Peanuts Glutinous Rice Ball)


Muar Chee is the Chinese version of ‘mochi’. This glutinous rice snack is coated with grounded sesame seeds and peanuts. It‘s a favourite street snack across Malaysia, Singapore and even China and Taiwan.


If you have not tasted it before, ‘Muah Chee’ is very similar to mochi. Our Muah Chee is chewy and springy, not overly sweet and packed full of pandan flavour.


Our Muar Chee can be kept in the refrigerator for up to five days. Steam or microwave them before serving because this glutinous rice snack tastes best when served warm.


Reheat Instruction Included


Enough to serve 1-2 persons.

Glutinous Rice Flour, Pandan Juice, Sugar, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Grounded Peanuts, Grounded Sesame Seeds