Pulut Tai Tai (Glutinous Rice Cake with Coconut Jam)

Pulut Tai Tai (Glutinous Rice Cake with Coconut Jam)


Why is it known as “Pulut Tai Tai”? Tai Tai refers to a rich man's wife who enjoys a life of leisure. It is said that this specific kuih was only served to the wives of rich men back then.


This kuih is made of glutinous rice steamed in coconut milk then naturally coloured with blue pea flower. Best serve with a side of Yum Yum Kuih handmade coconut jam to take it up a notch! Perfect for afternoon tea!


This kuih can be cut into 4 pieces and enough to serve 1-2 person.


Re-heat instruction is included.


Free from preservatives.

Glutinous Rice, Coconut Milk, Palm Sugar, Pandan, Eggs, Blue Pea Flower, Salt 

Allergen Information: For allergen see ingredients in BOLD