Seri Muka (Glutinous Rice with Pandan Custard)

Seri Muka (Glutinous Rice with Pandan Custard)


Seri Muka is a Malaysian dessert consisting of two layers.


The custard layer is infused with pandan extract, layered on top of slightly savoury coconut milk flavored glutinous rice base. The contrasting flavor of the two layers makes it a delightful dessert among the Peranakan and the Malays. 


Our Seri Muka is made with the right porportion of custard and rice so you'll have a bite of everything. We only use thick pandan juice for the custard and coloured the rice blue with blue pea flower extract.


This kuih can be cut into 4 pieces and enough to serve 1-2 person.


Re-heat instruction is included.


Free from preservatives.

Glutinous Rice Flour, Sugar, Coconut Milk, Water, Salt, Pandan Juice, Blue Pea Flower, Egg, Wheat Flour, Corn Flour

Allergen Information: For allergen see ingredients in BOLD