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Baby Full Moon Gift Box To
Announce The Arrival Of Your Baby

A baby’s full month (or full moon) is considered as a major milestone, which is an important occasion, especially among the Chinese community. After symbolic rituals and customs are carried out, it is time for the parents to introduce their little bundle of joy to the world with a full moon party.

Parents are showered with blessings and the baby with tons of gifts! In return, parents prepare symbolic gifts to present to those who gave their blessings. Traditionally, red-coloured foods are offered as it represents the auspiciousness of the occasion. 

Our baby full moon package consist of:

Nasi Kunyit - Glutinous Rice serve with chicken curry

Ang Ku Kuih - Choose ONE of the filling (black sesame, red bean, chestnut, lotus)

Red Eggs - Represent the renewal of life

If you are interested with our full moon package, please feel free to get in touch.

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